Weed in Glasgow

People who’re interested in exploring the history and great cultures probably have the United Kingdom high on their list of destinations. Architecture lovers will definitely find Scotland very attractive, especially Glasgow as it’s famous for Victorian architecture. It’s a port city located on Clyde river and it became a beautiful cultural hub of Scotland. If you’re someone who enjoys a good opera or theatre night, then you should consider visiting Glasgow! Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with in-depth information on getting and smoking weed in Glasgow.

Cannabis Law in Scotland:

Cannabis lovers will definitely find Glasgow attractive as weed is listed on Class C drugs which means that consumption isn’t an offense. If you get caught with a small amount of weed on you, there is a high possibility that the officer will only take your stash and let you go. It hugely depends on the officer, but if you get caught selling or producing, you are going to face serious trouble. You can easily smoke outdoors, but be careful as you don’t want to get caught near children as you can get prosecuted for that. Also, laws in the UK are strict when it comes to driving high, and police officers are equipped with tools that can check if you’re high behind the wheel. For that offense, you will get fined and prosecuted.

Where to Get Cannabis in Glasgow:

It’s not a hard thing to score a decent quality weed in Glasgow, especially if you have connections there. People who’re visiting the city for the first time shouldn’t have a hard time getting cannabis. The best bet is just walking around the city and checking amazing parks where the young people gather. Just be friendly and approach people if you smell cannabis and they will usually help you. One of the best places to score weed Is Kelvin Grove park. Another good place is Barras where you will get approached by many people offering you weed or hashish. If you don’t have luck, then simply check out local pubs and make friends with local people as they usually know someone who can help.

Cannabis Prices in Glasgow:

You can find decent quality cannabis all over the city as well as hashish. The weed is usually branded strain which is a very potent and will give you a nice and lasting high. However, if you’re looking for a higher-quality, we advise you to look for hashish. The gram of high-quality strains like White Widow or Purple Haze starts at $15 and it gets lower if you’re buying in a higher quantity or know people. For a nice stick of hashish, be ready to pay around $10.

Other Information

Glasgow is a very beautiful city with awesome energy and people. It’s easy to find a decent quality weed on each step, and people are helpful in general. Police aren’t strict when it comes to smoking cannabis, but be sure not to smoke it in public or touristic places. Enjoy your stay!

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