Weed in Girne/Kyrenia

Kyrenia or Girne is one of the most important cities in Northern Cyprus, and one of the most visited tourist resorts in that area of the island. There are some nice beaches, a lot of history, and cool nightlife here, so if you want to experience the Turkish side of Cyprus, this is a great place to choose. If you want to smoke weed in Kyrenia, that shouldn’t be too hard to arrange:

Cannabis laws in Cyprus

Under the current Cypriot law cannabis is classified as a class B drug, which places it in the middle of the scale for harm. Possession, sale, and cultivation are all illegal and you could face a maximum of 8 years in prison for marijuana possession. That being said, in reality, if you are caught with a couple of grams of weed, you will likely only be taken to jail for a night and receive a fine. The fines range from 400 to 1000 Euros and are set by a judge.

The laws regarding marijuana in Cyprus are strict, but not the strictest in the world. It is best to be very careful when dealing with cannabis on the island, but you do not have too much to worry about if you do get caught.

Getting weed in Girne/Kyrenia

Finding weed in Girne is not too hard, even if you don’t know any locals. There are a lot of people that smoke in Cyprus and there are some dealers roaming around, especially in summer. The dealers are usually easy enough to spot, often shady-looking people that hang around not doing much. If you look at them they will often approach you and ask you to buy something. It is often not great weed and the price is inflated, but it will get the job done.

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