Weed in Geneva

Have you ever consider visiting a beautiful city that is surrounded by the Alps and lies in Lake Geneva? The city has influenced by French culture, so it’s not uncommon to see bohemian parts of the town like Carouge. Exploring the city is very exciting, and it can last for days. If you’re a lover of cannabis, then you will fall in love with Geneva at first sight. Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with information on getting and smoking weed in Geneva.

Cannabis Law in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country divided into provinces, and there are some parts where the weed is legal. It’s not the case with Geneva, but it’s a hot topic and cannabis should become legal in the following years. Police officers are focused on dealers and not so much on consumers, so if you’d like to smoke cannabis, do it in secluded places where there are no cops around. Also, if you want to smoke without any problem, light it up in your home. If you get caught with less than 1 gram, you can probably expect a warning only.

Where to Get Cannabis in Geneva

Getting cannabis in Geneva is very easy. Just walk around the city and go through major parks. There will be younger crowds, and you will smell weed. Approach them politely and ask if they can help. The best bet is to go to Parc de St Jean as many dealers are waiting to sell their stuff. Be careful as that place is a target for the police, and many dealers were busted in recent times. When buying on the streets, always check the weed before and never give them money in front.

Cannabis Prices

The prices start at $10 per gram of decent quality weed. The catch with buying weed in Geneva is that street dealers won’t sell you a gram, but they will only sell for $50. For that amount of money, you can expect 3 – 4 grams of high-quality buds. If you’re looking for a hash, it’s widespread in Geneva. The prices for high-quality Moroccan hashish start at $6 per gram, and it will give you an amazing high.

Other Information

Getting and smoking cannabis in Geneva is pretty straightforward. Just walk around the city and parks, and you will notice a smell of decent cannabis around. Be positive and polite when approaching and never give your money up front. Use your common sense while smoking and never carry more than 1 gram on you.

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