Weed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is known for many things, but the one that stands out the most is Spring Break. For many generations of young people, all around the United States, this is the party spot. Of course, there is more to the city than tourism and partying, but if you ended up on this website that’s what you’re interested in. Getting weed in Fort Lauderdale will require some looking, but it’s certainly doable.

Cannabis laws in Florida

Florida is fairly progressive when it comes to marijuana. Medicinal marijuana is legal through the state, however recreational use of cannabis is illegal. The exact laws depend from county to county, but the good news is that Broward County where Fort Lauderdale is pretty relaxed. The possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis is decriminalized and you face a 100$ fine if caught. For a second offense, you will get a 250$ fine and 500$ the third time. Higher quantities of weed will get you into more trouble.

When it comes to cannabis, Florida and Fort Lauderdale in particular are not very strict. As long as you aren’t carrying too much weed, you will not get into any trouble, except for the 100$ fine.

Getting weed in Fort Lauderdale

If you don’t know anyone local, finding weed in Fort Lauderdale will require a lot of luck. Most people have a dealer, but if you don’t know anyone there is still a chance. You can go walk around the beach, the Hollywood Boardwalk, or any other popular beach spot and look for stoners. There are quite a lot in the area, so keep your eyes open and be friendly. Another good tip is to ask people in the service industry. Pretty much everyone that works in a hotel or a restaurant can hook you up.

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