Weed in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is beautiful. Simply put you will have a good time there, but with some weed, Edinburgh is even more fun. The city is separated into two parts; a modern-looking New Town and medieval Old Town. If you think of visiting the city and love to smoke weed, then you’ll definitely enjoy your stay. Here’s a brief guide on getting and smoking cannabis in Edinburgh.

Cannabis Laws in Scotland:

Cannabis is still illegal in Edinburgh, but the people and police are open to marijuana which means you can’t get into serious trouble for smoking or possessing small quantities. If you get caught with up to a small amount for personal use the police will most likely loot your herb without any further consequences. If they find large quantities of weed on you, then you can expect a further process and trouble. You can face a prison sentence of up to 14 years. Don’t take more than 5 grams with you when going to the city and we suggest that you always roll joint in the apartment.

Where to Get Cannabis in Edinburgh:

Just walk through the parks and you will smell a lot of weed and will notice many young people hanging around and passing the joints. Be positive and ask them if they can help you out. Another great way to score a decent bud is by going to places where locals hang out. You can check local pubs and ask bartender after a friendly chat and they will most likely help you out.

Cannabis Prices in Edinburgh:

The prices for a high-grade bud starts at 7 euro per gram, but can easily reach 12 euro per gram. You’ll get a discount for the quantity, so if you plan to stay for a longer period in the city, it’s advisable to always go for more. Hash is easily accessible there and you can find a good-quality gram of hash for 6 euro per gram.

Edinburgh is a very friendly city that is open to weed consumption. You most likely won’t end up in any trouble, but use your common sense and don’t smoke in crowded places. Another advice is not to have more than 5 grams of weed on you.

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