Weed in Dubai

Dubai is a city of luxury and it’s very attractive to all kinds of people. The city is known for its shopping centers, modern architecture, amazing nightlife, and many extraordinary activities to participate in. What could be a better way of exploring and experiencing Dubai than smoking cannabis there? Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with a detailed guide to getting and smoking weed in Dubai.

Cannabis Law in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a known country for strict and unusual laws for the western world. Dubai is a major city that is located in a strictly regulated country that can be easily called a police state. It means laws regarding cannabis are very strict and any activity related to weed can get you in serious trouble. There is no tolerance for cannabis in the state, so if you get caught by any amount of weed, you can expect jail time or even a death sentence. It’s interesting that you can get a warning or even probation if the police get you tested and your results are positive on cannabis. Police in Dubai are very effective and are obligating laws, so if you find yourself there, it’s better not to smoke any cannabis.

Where to Get Cannabis in Dubai

People who really can’t go without smoking cannabis are risking their freedom if they decide to buy weed in Dubai. It’s very hard to find any weed there, but with the right information and connections, everything is possible. Your best bet is to check their popular red-light district in Diera or Baraha as you can find a lot of things there. The thing is that these places are usually full of undercover cops, so you’re putting yourself at risk by asking random people for help. In Dubai, African people usually sell weed, so if you notice anyone who looks stoned, simply approach that person and ask discretely for cannabis. The chances are huge that you won’t find any cannabis. The best way to get cannabis in Dubai is by knowing someone or having friends from college there.

Cannabis Prices in Dubai

If you’re lucky or crazy enough to get your hands on weed in Dubai, expect to pay a huge price for a low-quality weed. The weed usually comes from Pakistan or Africa, and it will cost you from $30 to $50 to get a gram. It’s simply not worth the money or the risk you’re exposing yourself to get some low-quality weed. Simply enjoy the city without weed as there are plenty of things to do and see in Dubai.

Other Information

Weed lovers will be disappointed when it comes to cannabis in Dubai as it’s very regulated and laws are stringent. You can end up in serious trouble facing a few years in prison or even get a death penalty for cannabis. Enjoy the city without smoking cannabis and believe us, you will have an awesome time there!

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