Weed in Doha

Doha is Qatar’s capital and where most of the population lives. It is one of the Oasis cities in the Arab world, that are extremely wealthy, flashy, and modern. There are great beaches, amazing restaurants, luxury boutiques, five-star hotels and much more to be found here. If you are someone that likes smoking weed though, Doha might not be the best match for you:

Cannabis laws in Qatar

Qatar is a Muslim, Middle Eastern country, so it shouldn’t surprise you to know that marijuana is illegal there. There isn’t much public information about the exact laws and punishments, but it is known that there is a zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs, including cannabis. You likely won’t get a death sentence for smoking a joint, but you could face jail time and get deported. Trafficking is considered a very serious crime and you can face decades of prison for that.

Qatar is not a weed-friendly destination and you should think twice before trying to smoke weed there. The police and the locals view drugs and cannabis very negatively and the risk is generally not worth it.

Getting weed in Doha

Because of the harsh laws, it is very hard to find weed in Doha, especially for foreigners. Studies show that some of the locals do smoke weed, but it is a very small percentage compared to the West. People that live here have a hookup that they can contact, but there are not dealers on the street and it’s generally not advisable to ask random people on the street about weed.

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