Weed in Denver, Colorado

Ah, beautiful Colorado you say? Denver is an amazing city with exciting things to do and experience. Also, when we add the fact that weed for recreational use is legal there, what else could we ask for? If you’re planning to visit Colorado, be sure to stay a few days in the capital of the state, Denver. Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with all the information for getting and smoking weed in Denver. So, let’s start!

Cannabis Laws in Denver, Colorado

As you probably know, Colorado was one of the first American states that passed the legislation for legalizing the recreational usage of cannabis. The state is doing so well, and taxes from cannabis industry is going back to the community. The model from that state was followed by many other states in the USA. So, if you’re a resident of Colorado state, you can buy up to an ounce in a dispensary. People who’re visitors of the state can buy up to 8 grams, but that is still enough to keep you going, right?

It’s amazing how they implemented a “gift” and trading into their laws. It means you can give or trade your strain with any adult in the state, but it’s illegal to receive money for weed.

When it comes to smoking, it’s technically illegal to smoke in public places, but most officers won’t bother with you. Try to smoke in secluded places if you want to smoke outdoors. Aim for places without many people or crowds as you don’t want to impose your habits to non-smokers, right?

Where to Get Cannabis in Denver, Colorado

As weed is legal in Denver, it means there are many dispensaries around the town. It’s a non-brainer to get your weed there. You will get only the highest-quality cannabis and also, the selection will be amazing!

Also, even if you’re not a resident of Colorado state, you can just enter any shop and get outside with your hands full of weed.

There is still some weed on the street which is very cheap, but still good quality. It’s risky to buy it on the street as it’s illegal. Check out Weedmaps for the locations of dispensaries and smoking clubs.

Cannabis Prices in Denver, Colorado

The price of cannabis in Denver is very high compared to other states. The biggest reason for that is the huge tax the smokers pay. For instance, a bag of around 5 grams will cost you around $40, and you need to add 30% of tax to it. That’s the reason why many people still buy from the street dealers or non-licensed sellers as they will sell you almost the same quality weed for around 50% less price.

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