Weed in Cusco

Cusco, or Cuzco, it is located in southeastern Peru in the Andes mountain range. It used to be the capital of the Inca Empire and it is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Smoking some weed and exploring the mountain or the city is an awesome experience and it is highly recommended. Cannabis laws in Peru can be strict but are not aimed at the users, so a little weed will not get you in trouble. Read on for our complete guide to marijuana in Peru.

Cannabis laws in Peru

Cannabis is illegal in Peru, but small quantities of weed, meant for personal use are decriminalized. A small quantity is considered anything under 8 grams. As long as you have less than that and no other drugs on you, you are safe. Selling and growing cannabis are very illegal and you could be sent in prison for years for doing that. You do have to be careful with the cops though as sometimes they can be quite corrupt.

In Cuzco as long as you do not carry more than 8 grams of weed on you, there should not be a problem. It is still best not to smoke in public places in order to avoid the police.

Getting weed in Cusco

Odds are that if you walk around Cusco, you will be offered to buy weed or cocaine. Just go to the more touristy spots or a park and someone is likely to approach you. You can also try asking the guys selling sunglasses. Be careful when buying in the street. Do not follow the dealers to some far away place and always ask to see the weed, before you give them money. The quality can depend a lot, with some weed being great and some horrible. The prices can also depend a lot from dealer to dealer.

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