Weed in Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol literally means Coast of the Sun and the name is appropriate. It’s one of Spain’s main tourism arteries and every year millions of people visit the coast and the cities around it. It has everything, from sun to sangria to tapas to weed. Cannabis is not exactly legal in Spain, but they are very chill about it and you will likely have no trouble getting any while there. Keep on reading for our full article:

Cannabis laws in Spain

Spanish people love smoking weed and their laws reflect that fact. Selling and trafficking cannabis is illegal and punishable by jail, but when it comes to personal use, things are much more relaxed. As a matter of fact, the possession and cultivation of cannabis are legal in private spaces. That means that you are allowed to have, or even grow weed in your house, but the second you step outside, you’re breaking the law.

Luckily, possession of marijuana for personal use is a misdemeanor and you will only get a fine and have your weed confiscated if the cops catch you. There are a lot of people smoking joints in public, and generally, it’s pretty safe, as long as you keep an eye out for the police. Smoking a weed on the beach, at night is pretty common and you shouldn’t encounter any problems doing it.

Getting weed in Costa del Sol

There is a very big chance you’ll be offered hash or weed in Costa del Sol, just by walking around, especially if you’re in your twenties. Otherwise, you’ll have to ask around. In the evening dealers will come out on the main streets and the more touristy bars and clubs. You are never more than a few questions away from hash, which is easier to find than weed. Usually, you can expect to pay about 5-6 euros per gram, but tourists often end up paying more.

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