Weed in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the most iconic cities in Europe, with an old and rarely discussed history. The capital of Denmark is one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the world and makes for a great trip destination. Cannabis is easy to get there, but still illegal, so you need to be careful about consumption. Here you’ll get a complete guide on weed in Copenhagen.

Cannabis Law:

Cannabis is illegal in Denmark, which means anything related to cannabis can get you in trouble. Sale, consumption, and cultivation are all forbidden under the Danish laws. That being said, the police mainly targets dealers, producers, and traffickers and do not concern themselves with the average smoker too much. Law enforcement as well as the Danish society as a whole is pretty tolerant and progressive, so the personal consumption of marijuana is tolerated in Copenhagen, to a large degree. You shouldn’t be too blatant with your weed use, but there isn’t too much to worry about.

Where to Get Cannabis: 

It’s very easy to get cannabis in Copenhagen, almost as easy as in the Netherlands. There are a few popular spots where you can find decent weed for an affordable price, even if you don’t know anyone local. Check out Christiania to get something to smoke. The Freetown Christiania is an interesting and complicatedcontraption, but in short, it is a commune where “free-spirits” live and the laws are laxly enforced. On a notorious street, ‘pusher street’ you will find stalls where hash and cannabis are sold in the open. Every few years there is a police raid that shuts them down, but they do tend to pop back up.

Cannabis Prices: 

The prices depend on the location and the people you buy from. Expect to pay around 15 euros for a gram if you want high-quality bud. However, you can also find good weed for 10 euros a gram and hash is a bit cheaper at around 8. of course, the market for cannabis is very informal and you can haggle to get the prices down.

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