Weed in Copacabana

If you ever come to Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro, you simply can’t miss a famous beach called Copacabana. The endless sandy beach offers so many activities you can do there, accompanied by beautiful views, it’s a beautiful place for tourists. Smoking weed in Copacabana is an experience of a lifetime.

Cannabis Law in Brazil:

Cannabis is highly illegal and the laws are stringent. If you’re a Brazilian, then you won’t have almost any trouble if the police officer catches you with the joint. For other people, especially white tourists, the police will be very strict. They expect that tourists are full of money and the situation in Brazil isn’t the best one regarding money. Police are aiming to catch and search white tourists as they want to get a bribe from them. If they catch you with a small quantity, expect to pay a few euros fine, but it hugely depends on the officer.

This being said Brazil is moving in the right direction. In 2017 a cannabis based drug was allowed on the market for the first time. This is still far from legalization or even medicinal marijuana but still shows a progressive move forward.

Where to Get Cannabis in Copacabana:

You can simply get weed anywhere in Copacabana. The best bet would be a beach in front of famous hotels. Merely approach friendly guys or girls and ask them for help. If you don’t succeed, just walk to the beach and you will smell the herb everywhere. You have high chances of scoring a decent quality bud at Meia Pataca Café where many young girls are hanging around usually smoking herb around the café. If nothing works out for you, simply give up and just chill as many people will approach you and ask you if you need some weed.

Cannabis Prices in Copacabana:

Cannabis in Copacabana is very cheap, so you can get a good sack of weed that is enough to roll 10 joints for about 10 euros. The weed quality isn’t the best, but for that price, you’ll get more than a decent high. It will depend from dealer to dealer, but you will definitely be paying less than in Europe or the US.

Other Information:

Copacabana is the perfect place to party, relax and smoke some weed. It’s literally effortless to get weed there, but the laws are strict and police officers are focusing tourists in hope to extort some money from them. Be extra careful when getting and smoking weed there as you can end up in serious trouble.

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