Weed in Colombo

Colombo is the populational, economic, and tourist center of Siri Lanka and the first stop for most travelers. It is a huge city that is worth checking out, filled with the hustle and bustle you might expect from a multi-million Asian city. If you want to smoke weed in Colombo, you need to keep in mind that it is illegal and not easy to get, but the situation is not too bad:

Cannabis laws in Siri Lanka

There is a long history of cannabis use in Siri Lanka and its acceptance continues to this day. The recreational use of marijuana is illegal, but medical and scientific use is allowed with the proper licenses. Luckily, the possession of fewer than 5 kilograms of weed is considered a minor crime that will only get you a fine, or a short jail term. If you are caught with just a joint, you will likely just get a fine, or pay a bribe to the cops.

The recreational use of cannabis is almost decriminalized in Siri Lanka and the country tries to treat and rehabilitate marijuana smokers. There is also an understanding in the government that cannabis has medical properties, so it is likely that more liberalization will follow.

Getting weed in Colombo

Finding weed in Colombo can be hard for tourists, but certainly not impossible. There aren’t too many tourists, but there are many backpackers in the hostels and they will generally know how to get some. The locals generally have a hookup they can call and buy from there, so you will need to ask around and hope you get lucky.

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