Weed in Chamonix

If you’re a type of person who cares about the health and well-being, then the chances are big that you like skiing. If you ever find yourself in Chamonix, a resort area near Mt. Blanc that is located in France, you probably ask if there is any weed available at the resort. Here’s the brief guide to getting and smoking cannabis in Chamonix – a popular ski resort area.

Cannabis Laws in France:

Any activity related to cannabis is strictly regulated and illegal in the whole of France. If you get caught with small quantities for personal use, you may end up in a police station, and your stash will be taken away. If you have around 1 gram of you and get caught, the further situation hugely depends on the cop. For that amount of weed, you probably just end up in the station, losing the majority of your day and getting fined. France is fairly liberal when it comes to medicinal marijuana, a medicine containing cannabis is legal there.

Where to Get Cannabis in Chamonix:

Chamonix is a small ski resort area on borders with Austria and Switzerland. It is usually filled with tourists and families who’re interested in winter activities like skiing and snowboarding. It’s tough to get any weed there, but you can try your luck and ask people at the hotel reception. There is a small chance they will know someone, but still, it’s worth trying. Another option is by getting weed by yourself in the resort area from other places in France. It’s a bit risky, and it’s not advisable to take more than 5 grams on you.

Cannabis Prices in Chamonix:

The prices vary depending on the quality and people you know. If you want to buy a decent bud in the Chamonix area, expect to pay around 25 euros per gram. If you decide to take another way of getting weed and bringing it with yourself, the best bet is to catch a good deal in major cities. In major cities like Paris, the prices average on 15 euros per gram of top-grade skunk.

Other Information:

Chamonix is one of the most beautiful ski resorts where people can get active and hang out with other positive people. You’ll be surrounded by stunning nature and luxurious hotel, but it will be tough to get your hands on some bud. The best bet is to get it by yourself from major cities. Be careful as possession of any amount of weed will get you in problems no matter where you’re located in France.

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