Weed in Cannes

People who’re looking for a relaxing vacation that will recharge their batteries should definitely visit Cannes. The city is located on a French coast, and it’s famous for its sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, and crazy nightlife. If that sounds good to you and you want to enhance your experience by smoking cannabis in Cannes, then you’re at the right place. Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with information on getting and smoking weed in Cannes.

Cannabis Laws in France 

Any activity related to cannabis is strictly regulated and prohibited and if you get caught, you can end up in serious trouble. If the police catch you with weed or hashish, you can expect to pay a huge fine and even go to jail. However, the population in Cannes is very liberal about cannabis, so it’s acceptable to smoke weed in front of people, but be careful when smoking as you don’t want to smoke in front of cops.

Where to Get Cannabis in Cannes

The easiest way to score a good quality weed is by walking through promenade where the casinos are located. There will be many young Moroccan people who will offer you hashish and in rare cases cannabis. Cannabis in France isn’t that spread and the prices are higher, but you can get your hands on decent grade hashish wherever you go. Be careful though as some dealers will try to sell you fake hashish, so always check the stuff before buying.

Cannabis Prices

In Cannes, it’s hard to buy one gram at the time and everyone is selling in bulk. A standard rate for Moroccan hashish is $40 for 10 grams. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands-on cannabis, then you can expect to pay around $70 for 10 grams. We can’t emphasize it more, always check the quality of the stuff and never agree to go in some shady streets with dealers as they might try to rob you.

Other Information

Getting weed in Cannes may be a bit of hustle as the city is full of hashish. However, the hashish you can find in Cannes is high-quality, but be careful not to get scammed. Also, your safest bet is to smoke in private or secluded places as the police and laws are strict and you can end up in serious trouble for smoking a joint.

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