Weed in Canberra

Despite what many people think Canberra, and not Sydney or Melbourne, is the capital of Australia. It managed to become capital as a compromise between the bigger cities, that had a rivalry. Canberra is also a planned city and not a part of any state, similarly to Washington DC. Australia is known for being progressive and its cannabis legislation is in accordance with this. The laws are aimed at treatment rather than prohibition and much more liberal than other places.

Cannabis laws in Australia

Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug in Australia, with more than 70% having tried it. Since 2016 medicinal cannabis has been legal federally. It is up to the states or in the case of Canberra, up to itself, to decide what exactly are the punishments for possession. In Canberra, the fines for possession of marijuana start at 100 AUD and increase with the quantity of weed an individual possesses. Australian law is also aimed at harm minimization, meaning that you might also have to attend a drug rehabilitation program. Trafficking and selling weed are much more serious crimes, which can result in prison.

Generally, Australians are pretty open towards marijuana use, but that does not mean that you should be blatant with your smoking in order to avoid any fines.

Finding weed in Canberra

The best way to get weed in Canberra is to simply ask around. If you go to the more trendy bars and pubs in the evening, you should be able to find someone to help you out. Most young people in Australia smoke weed and even if they don’t there is a good chance that they at least know where you can find some. The prices can depend on the dealer, but generally, expect to pay about 20 AUD per gram. The quality is generally good.

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