Weed in Calpe, Spain

Calpe is a Spanish resort town, close to Alicante and Valencia. It’s a great place to visit in the summer and it’s usually filled to the brim with tourists. Naturally, with the great Spanish weather and food, you will also want to smoke some weed while on vacation. Calpe is very touristy and getting your hands on some weed is pretty easy to do, as long as you look, you will find. Keep on reading for more details on the weed situation in Calpe.

Cannabis laws in Spain

Spain has very peculiar drug legislation, but the good thing is that weed is very tolerated and accepted in the country. Because of the way the constitution is written, marijuana is actually partially legalized. This comes about because you are allowed to smoke and even grow weed in your own home. However, the second you step out of your house, marijuana becomes illegal. It is even illegal to grow weed on your balcony, while inside it’s fine. Once you step outside you could be fined for smoking or possessing weed, but if you don’t have more than a few grams on you, you might get away with just a warning.

The cops in Spain don’t really care if you are smoking a joint as long as you aren’t very blatant and public with it. As long as you’re respectable and aware of your surroundings, you should avoid any trouble with the laws in Spain.

Getting weed in Calpe

Calpe is very touristy and that means that there is a lot of weed going around, as well as other drugs. If you walk around the beach and the more central areas, you are bound to be offered to buy some weed or hash, especially in the evening. During the day you might try asking the guys that sell sunglasses and other souvenirs to hook you up. Many of them have a number to call. Weed in Spain is usually really cheap, but people will likely try to rip you off in Calpe, still don’t pay more than 10 euros per gram. You should also check the weed before paying.

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