Weed in Bursa

Bursa is Turkey’s fourth-largest city and has a lot to offer to its visitors. There are interesting mosques, museums, and bazaars to explore. On top of that, there is some great food coming out of that region of Turkey and you should prepare to eat a lot. When it comes to cannabis, however, Bursa is not the best place. Turkey has strict law and marijuana is not easily available. Istanbul is a much easier place to get weed from.

Cannabis laws in Turkey

Turkey has a very strict set of laws when it comes to drugs and, sadly, cannabis is lumped in with all of the other drugs. By law, you can go to jail for smoking weed, or possessing it. You might be able to get away with probation, but that depends a lot on the circumstances. Selling, growing and trafficking weed are very illegal and can land you prison for a very long time. Of course, the police are corrupt and you might get away with a bribe, but you cannot rely on that. Overall, it is better not to get involved with cannabis in Turkey.

If you do manage to get some marijuana in Bursa, be very careful. Do not smoke in public places and always look behind your back. Going to Turkish jail, even for a few days, is not a nice experience and it will definitely ruin your vacation.

Getting weed in Bursa

Bursa is a great place to visit, but it is not the best in terms of cannabis tourism. It’s hard to score weed as a foreigner and you only stand a chance if you make some local friends. A lot of the younger Turkish guys smoke weed and they might be able to help you out. That being said, it is not a good idea to ask random people on the street for weed as many people do not appreciate that. The prices are different for tourists but expect to pay about 6-7 euros per gram.

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