Weed in Buenos Aires

Argentina is known for its vibrant culture and colorful landscape. Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital and most populated city. The city is known for its well-preserved architecture as well as its rich culture. Here is a comprehensive guide to consuming and buying Cannabis in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Weed Laws in Argentina:

Possession of personal amounts of cannabis has been decriminalized, however, sale, cultivation, and transport of the plant remain illegal. Medicinal marijuana is also legal in the form of CBD oil. It’s reported that any amount under five grams will not land you in any legal trouble. Possession is also not illegal, as a matter of fact in 2009 the Argentinian court ruled that marijuana possession is a constitutional right.

Whether or not the cannabis laws are enforced largely depends on the season. In the winter, the city is largely empty and thus there are far fewer police officers present. In the summer, there are more tourists which means an increased police presence. It has been reported that officers also act undercover as civilians so public smoking is discouraged. You will see many people still smoking, but do so at your own risk. Less populated beaches like those in the south are better to smoke in.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Buenos Aires:

Many people that hang out at the various beaches, parks and live music events will have cannabis available for purchase. Most people are friendly towards tourists so don’t be afraid to approach people. Chances are, even if you ask someone who doesn’t have any, they can point you in the right direction. When in doubt, follow the smell. Cannabis is very common with the young people in Argentina, so you should not have much of a problem to find some weed if you look around.

Cannabis Prices in Buenos Aires:

In general, cannabis in Argentina is cultivated outdoors somewhere in the jungle and compressed into big bricks to make transporting it easier. The product will generally not be up to the typical USA or European standards. However, you can buy large quantities of this cannabis for very cheap. Some have been reported as low as $20 USD for 40 grams. Street dealers in Buenos Aires will have higher prices and probably lower quality.

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