Weed in Budva

Budva is Montenegro’s answer to Dubrovnik. It is the country’s touristic center and has a medieval city center that is very well preserved and exceptional. On top of that, there are some great beaches and the Adriatic coast to enjoy. There is food, there are parties and there is a little something for everyone that visits. However, cannabis is very illegal and hard to get. Keep on reading for our breakdown of the cannabis situation in Budva.

Cannabis laws in Montenegro

It should come as no surprise that Montenegro has very harsh drug laws, similarly to its neighbors Croatia and Serbia. Trafficking, selling and growing of marijuana is illegal and you can get into a lot of trouble for those. Don’t involve yourself in that kind of stuff. Possession is also illegal, but for a few grams, you will likely only get a fine and maybe a night or two in jail. There is also a good chance that the police ask you for a bribe if they catch you smoking, the prices depend but get pretty steep.

Sadly, Montenegro is very backward when it comes to cannabis. It’s very taboo to smoke weed, at least for the older generations and there even medicinal marijuana is not on the table. There are a lot of great spots to smoke weed in Budva, but pick the more discreet ones and do not smoke in public.

Getting weed in Budva

Because of the strict laws, there aren’t too many drug dealers roaming the streets. Your best bet to find weed in Budva is to go to some nightclub or bar and ask the people that work there. Most of them are young and smoke and might be able to help you. It’s best not to just ask random people, so maybe get to know the person first before asking. The prices are different for tourists but expect to pay 10-15 euros per gram.

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  1. Went in summer 2019 for 4 nights , asked a local where i could find some bud at my hostel. She stated that I could find anything I wanted by asking taxi drivers parked near the main intersection next to the clubs. Was told to ask the drivers that look the most like dealers, ended up working pretty well the two nights I went out.

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