Weed in Bucharest

Bucharest is the biggest city and capital of Romania. The mixture of beautiful old orthodox churches, grandiose communist buildings, and more modern apartments building, gives the city a unique vibe. There is a lot to do and explore in Bucharest, after all, it is a large European city. Finding marijuana can be a challenge if you do not have any local friends. Our guide to weed in Bucharest is here to help.

Cannabis laws in Romania

Romania has very strict laws when it comes to cannabis, which is very common for Eastern Europe. In recent years weed has been becoming more and more accepted, especially since 2013 when medicinal marijuana was legalized. Currently, you can get in trouble for possession any quantity of weed on you, no matter how small. If it is only a few grams you might get a fine, but if the police decide that you have the intention to sell, you might be facing jail. Drug trafficking and dealing are treated very seriously in Romania.

You need to be very careful if you are smoking weed in Bucharest. It is not advised to smoke at public places, try to remain home and smoke there. Many of the older people have a very negative outlook towards marijuana despite the legalization of medicinal marijuana.

Where to get weed in Bucharest

As previously mentioned, cannabis is very illegal in Romania, and find weed is quite hard. Your best bet is to ask a Romanian friend to help you. If you do not know anyone you are out of luck. You can try looking for some dealers in the parks, but the chances are that you will get scammed and get less than what you paid for and also bad quality weed.

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