Weed in Brussels

Brussels is one of the centers of Europe that is offering so many things to do and see. Smoking weed in Brussels will take this beautiful city to a whole new level. The old architecture and cobbled streets are much more enjoyable if you smoke a joint before you explore them.

Cannabis Law in Belgium:

Cannabis is still illegal in Brussels as well as all activities related to the plant. Two years back, you could possess a small amount of weed on you without any problems if get caught. Today, it’s not possible and if a police officer finds you with weed in small quantities, he can lock you up and you can end up with charges. Usually, if you only have a small quantity for personal use, your weed will be confiscated and nothing will happen to you. If you have more weed on you, or it is in many small baggies, you might be in trouble. Selling weed in Belgium is a serious crime and you might end up in prison for it.

Belgium is still much more liberal than other European countries, however, the fact that the legislation is moving away from the liberalization of marijuana and towards harder punishment is worrisome. Despite how close it is to the Netherlands, Belgium is not very weed friendly.

Where to Get Cannabis in Brussels:

Matong is your best bet if you don’t know anyone in the city. It’s an African neighborhood where you can find a good quality weed on every step. Be careful as the police are aware of that place, so the raids are common there. Louise is another place where you can score a decent quality bud. Just walk around and you will smell weed coming from small groups of young people.

However, the city is located just 1 hour away from the Dutch border, so the safest thing would be just to cross the border and go into their coffee shops to smoke the highest-quality bud you can get. You do have to be careful if you want to bring weed from the Netherlands though. It is illegal to bring drugs cross border and there is a chance that there will be police dogs on the train station in Brussels.

Cannabis Prices in Brussels:

The prices vary depending on the quality of the bud, but it’s average for western Europe. You can get the highest-quality weed for around 10 euro per gram. If you love to smoke hash, you can easily find it there for around 8 euro per gram. The quality you get depends very much from dealer to dealer. Often times the quantity of the weed will be less than what you paid for. Hash is also a hit or a miss. Sometimes it can be very good quality, brought from Morocco, by immigrants, other times it will be low quality and old.

The people and police are very open to cannabis and you won’t get in major trouble for smoking there. However, don’t smoke in crowded places as there is a lot of police and you can end up in unnecessary trouble. We advise you to go to the Netherlands for the one-day trip as the border is only one-hour bus drive.

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