Weed in Brighton

Brighton is a small city located in the south of London. It’s a seaside town that is attracting many tourists each year. If you ever find yourself in Brighton, you will be simply blown away with nightlife there. Many clubs with great music, beautiful girls and lots of weed around. Here is a brief guide on everything you need to know about weed in Brighton.

Cannabis Law

Cannabis is illegal in the UK and classified as a Class C drug. You can’t possess, sell or grow weed in the country. Also, the interesting thing is that you can’t even smoke on your property. However, the resort town of Brighton is a bit different regarding cannabis. If you use common sense and not smoke in front of police or crowds, there is a small chance of getting busted. If you’re smoking on the beach or in the park, you’ll be fine as police know about it but don’t want to drive away tourists.

Where to Get Cannabis

If you don’t know anyone in the city, don’t worry as it’s still easy to get a decent bud. Your best bet is to check local pubs or clubs. Ask around and someone will help you. Also, if you’re into partying, check out some of the clubs on the beach as there are always many young people smoking on the beach.

Cannabis Prices

The majority of cannabis you’ll find in Brighton will be high-quality and homegrown. The prices are low regarding the quality you get. Expect to pay around 25 euro for nice 3.5 grams of bud. Hash is also available, but it’s harder to get it and it will cost you almost half the price of weed.

Other Information

Brighton is a hot destination for people who love to party in England. A beautiful seaside resort town is near the capital and you can easily get and smoke our favorite herb there. However, we advise you to smoke in the parks and beaches, as you never know where’s the police.

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