Weed in Boquete

If you want to experience a more rural and less touristy part of Panama, Boquete is a great destination for you. Filled with rolling hills, rain forests, and a charming local culture, this is a unique place to see and experience for people that want to see the real Panama. If you want to enjoy a joint while traveling in Boquete, you need to keep in mind that marijuana is illegal in Panama, but not too hard to get:

Cannabis laws in Panama

The cultivation, sale, and use of cannabis have been banned in Panama since the 1920s. However, what is in the books and what happens, in reality, are two very different things. The laws about marijuana consumption are rarely enforced, especially when it comes to smoking joints and not larger-scale trafficking. There have been moves toward actual legalization as well, with medicinal marijuana being legalized in 2021, so hopefully, recreational weed will be made legal in the near future too.

Cannabis is nominally illegal in Panama, so you should be discreet and careful when smoking there, but there isn’t too much to worry about generally. Even if you do get caught and the police decide to make an issue of it, it is likely that you can pay yourself out of it.

Getting weed in Boquete

Finding weed in Boquete isn’t hard, but you will need to ask around a bit. Some of the more popular tourist destinations in Panama have street dealers harassing people about buying weed all the time, but here you will likely have to seek it out. The good news is that you only need to ask a couple of people that drive taxis, sell souvenirs or work in hospitality, in order to get a hookup. The quality won’t be amazing, but it is very cheap.

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