Weed in Bogota

If you’re a type of traveler who loves to explore the cultures of different countries, then visiting Colombia’s capital Bogota is a way to go. The city has an interesting vibe and you can find stunning architecture around it. Smoking weed in Bogota will only enhance the overall experience, but what’s the law regarding cannabis there? Keep reading as we’ll go into details when it comes to getting and smoking cannabis in Bogota.

Cannabis Laws in Columbia

The officials are doing its best to totally wipe out the use of drugs from the country’s capital. The reason for that is the country has a serious problem with drug users, especially cocaine users and addiction. Weed is decriminalized for personal use, meaning you might get a fine, if caught, but not go to prison.

With that in mind, law enforcement starts to treat other drugs like the root of the problem. Police officers can randomly search you without any reason in the hope of finding any drug on you. You will be a target if you’re a white tourist as they expect you can pay them a bribe if you get caught. If you get caught with cannabis, be prepared to negotiate with the cop about the bribery. The universal advice is to be careful if you have any amount of weed on you as the cops can give you a hard time.

Where to Get Cannabis in Bogota

The cannabis is widespread in Bogota, so you can literally buy cannabis at every step. Just look around, make eye contact and you will probably find a local who will offer you cannabis. The best way for people who plan to spend more time in Bogota is to befriend local people and they will definitely hook you up with reliable people. That way, you can expect to get your hands on the highest quality weed you can find in Bogota. Always be careful and don’t walk around with huge amounts on you.

Cannabis Prices in Bogota

Cannabis prices are pretty low when you compare it with other places in the world. The thing is that you can expect a really high quality of buds in Bogota. The standard price for 25 grams is around $30. For that money, you can be sure that you’re smoking decent buds. If you want to pay a little extra, you will get a higher quality of weed.

Other Information

You can find cannabis on every step once you’re in Bogota. Weed is illegal there, but everyone is smoking and selling it. Be extra cautious, especially if you’re white as police tend to target white tourists more in the hope they’ll get bribe money. Use your common sense when it comes to smoking and doesn’t walk around with huge amounts on you. Be sure that you packed your weed in a secret spot on you, so even if the police search you, they won’t find anything.

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