Weed in Boca Raton Florida

Boca Raton can give you the picture-perfect Florida experience. Here you will find great beaches, amazing parties and a lot of college students partying. If you want to have fun at a beautiful, tropical location, this is the place for you to visit. When it comes to weed, it’s decriminalized and you should be able to score some cannabis with a bit of looking.

Cannabis laws in Florida

Florida is somewhere in-between when it comes to marijuana legalization. It’s not legal, but it is decriminalized in many counties through the state. Boca Raton is located in the Palm Beach county, which is rather liberal towards cannabis. If you are caught with 20 grams or less, you can expect to pay a 100 dollar fine, the first two times you are caught, but more harsh consequences the third time. For larger quantities of marijuana, you can expect to get into more serious trouble.

Boca Raton isn’t too strict when it comes to weed, but be careful not to carry too much on you. Just keep less than 20 grams on you and everything should be fine. Of course, if you are in the US on a Visa, you want to be extra careful.

Getting weed in Boca Raton

You won’t encounter many street dealers in Boca Raton, but weed is still easy to get. You just need to ask people in the service industry. Waiters, valets and cab drivers will generally be able to help you out. Just try to act cool and ask a couple of people and you shouldn’t have any trouble scoring. The price can vary a lot, and tourists often get ripped off, so try to haggle.

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