Weed in Bern

If you’re a type of traveler who loves to explore beautiful cities while high on cannabis, then you should definitely consider visiting Switzerland’s capital city Bern. The city is famous for its medieval architecture and old town. Also, the nightlife is terrific in Bern, so believe us, you will have a lot of fun during your stay and you are bound to get marijuana. If you’re a cannabis lover, then you will definitely fall in love with the city! Keep reading as we’re going to provide you with information about getting and smoking weed in Bern.

Cannabis Laws in Switzerland 

Any activity related to cannabis is strictly regulated and illegal in Switzerland by laws, but in practice, the police aren’t very strict when it comes to cannabis. If the police catch you and you have a quantity for personal use, it’s most likely they will write you a fine. Also, in some cities like Bern, smoking is acceptable and the majority of police officers won’t give you a hard time if they see you smoking. Just don’t smoke in public places where a lot of people are around. In Bern, the officials try to introduce smoking clubs and make the smoking legal inside these clubs as an experiment. These clubs should be launched in 2018.

Where to Get Cannabis in Bern

Bern is a stunning city with many things to see and experience. Also, the city is filled with parks where young people usually hang out. Try to walk around the city and parks and you will most likely smell some weed. Approach people with politeness and there is a high chance they will help you out or connect you with the right person. Another hot spot for weed and other drugs is Reitschule, but be careful as you can get ripped off there. If you want to buy a legal weed in Bern, you can do it! Head over the nearest headshop and ask them for legal weed. You can get your hands on that weed, but THC levels are lower than 1%. The great news is that this legal weed is high on CBD which has proven medical effects.

Cannabis Prices

The prices hugely vary by the quantity and connections you have in the city. The regular rate is $10 per gram of decent quality weed. Also, hashish is spread in the city and you can find it for a price of $6 per gram. If you’re looking to buy a legal weed with low levels of THC, expect to pay around $25 for 10 grams. A legal weed has about 0.4% of THC and 7% of CBD and it can get delivered to your doors.

Other Information

When it comes to cannabis in Bern, it’s still illegal, but the general population and cops are not conservative about the usage. You can buy a legal weed from headshops that are high in CBD. When smoking in public, don’t smoke in busy places but rather find a secluded park and enjoy. Use your common sense and you will have a fantastic time in Bern.

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