Weed in Benidorm

Benidorm is in the Alicante province, close to Valencia and Ibiza. It is an extremely popular tourist destination with both Spaniards and international tourists, due to its Miami-like skyscrapers, great beaches, and nightlife. Cannabis in Benidorm is easy to find and you shouldn’t encounter any problems. The laws are relaxed and there are plenty of good spots for smoking. Continue reading for our ultimate guide to weed in Benidorm.

Cannabis laws in Spain

When talking about the weed laws in Spain, it is important to consider use in private and public spaces. Due to the way the constitution is written, cannabis consumption and cultivation are actually legal in private. This means that you are allowed to smoke and grow weed at your own house, but if the plants are visible or are on your balcony that is illegal. You are not allowed to sell weed from your house and that is punishable with prison.

This odd loophole is only applicable to private spaces, however. In public, if you are caught smoking you might get fined and get your weed confiscated. Of course, the cops are generally chill and if you are at the beach or at a park and arent annoying people you might get away with a warning. Just cooperate and don’t be a prick. You should also not walk around with too much weed on you, as the less you have the lower the odds of getting in trouble.

Getting weed in Benidorm

Finding cannabis in Benidorm is relatively easy, considering how popular it is with tourists. If you walk around the beach you will see many stalls with guys selling sunglasses and other trinkets, if you ask them they usually know a guy that can hook you up. But you will be paying a bit more than usual, as they have to get a cut too. Otherwise just ask the young Spaniards that work in the hospitality industry, most of them smoke and will be able to help you out. The price of hash/weed in Benidorm is around 5-10 euros and the quality is decent. Hash is easier to come by and generally cheaper.

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