Weed in Belgium

Belgium is often overshadowed in weed tourism by its neighbor, the Netherlands, but the truth is that weed is pretty widely available. Belgium has a lot to offer for visitors to see and it is a very beautiful country, with a few cool cities like Brussels, Brugge, and Antwerp that everyone should check out. The laws are not the strictest in the world and there are quite a few dealers walking around the streets. Some cities in Belgium are better for cannabis than others, so check out this article for all of the necessary information on marijuana in Belgium.

Cannabis Law in Belgium:

It should come as no surprise that the laws in Belgium aren’t too strict when it comes to cannabis. of course, it is illegal to sell or grow weed and you shouldn’t carry a lot on you. As long as you have less than 5 grams of weed on you, all you can get is a fine and your weed will be confiscated. Larger quantities could get you in more trouble so don’t do that. You might get away with just a warning sometimes, but it really depends on the consequences. If you are nice to the cops it increases your chances of a good outcome.

The locals in Belgium don’t usually smoke weed in public, so it is advisable not to do that. Be discreet and careful if you decide to smoke outside and choose a park or another secluded place.

Where to Get Cannabis in Belgium:

Getting weed in Belgium isn’t too hard, but it is illegal and you will have to deal with shady people. It is a good idea to check your weed before you pay for it, in order not to get scammed. There is also the option of just going to the Netherlands and smoking there, depending on where you are. Here are the Belgian cities we have a weed guide on:

Cannabis Prices in Belgium:

The prices in Belgium are usually around 10 euros per gram, but that can depend a lot on the quality and the dealer. Feel free to negotiate with them and lower the price. The quality is pretty good and a lot of the weed comes from the Netherlands. The hash is usually cheaper, but not as easy to get.

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