Weed in Belek

Belek is one of the many great places to visit in Turkey. It is famous for its spas, nature as well as ancient monuments. You will have a great time in Belek, but what is the weed situation? Well, the truth is that cannabis is very strictly regulated in Turkey and you will have a hard time scoring weed anywhere in the country, except for maybe Istanbul. Keep on reading for more information.

Cannabis laws in Turkey

There are many young and progressive people in Turkey that smoke weed, but they are still a minority and the laws remain strict. The Turkish laws do not differentiate between weed and other drugs and because of that, you can go to prison just for possessing or smoking some weed. Often times you will get away with just probation, or maybe by bribing the cops, but it is likely that you will have to spend at least a few nights in jail. For growing, selling and trafficking weed the punishment is very serious and you should never involve yourself with that.

If you do decide to smoke weed in Belek, keep in mind that you are taking a risk. Be discreet and pick out a good and safe place to smoke. The last thing you want during your vacation is to have to deal with the Turkish police.

Getting weed in Belek

Finding weed in Belek as a foreigner can be pretty tough. The best way to smoke in Turkey is to meet some guy that grows and buy from him. That’s hard to achieve on holiday, so you will have to ask around and find someone that is willing to help you. There are no street dealers and if someone is selling on the street the quality will be very bad and the marijuana will be expensive. It is best to find some local to help you out, or not smoke.

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