Weed in Bastia

Bastia is Corsica’s second city, located in the north of the island, and a great place to visit if you want a more authentic view of Corsica. It is known for its food and wine, but also has some great beaches and hikes in its vicinity, so there is plenty to do. If you want to smoke weed while in Bastia, that’s not always to arrange, but not completely impossible:

Cannabis laws in France

Cannabis is one of the most popular drugs in France, but despite its popularity, it is still illegal and there seem to be no steps toward proper legalization. The good news is that the laws aren’t very harsh and if you are caught with a bit of marijuana on you, for personal use, you will only receive a fine of 200 euros and face no other legal trouble. Of course, for the sale, cultivation, or trafficking of cannabis, you will receive much harsher punishment.

It is good to be discrete when smoking weed, especially in more conservative places like Corsica, where most of the locals will not appreciate it. In larger cities and in the south of France cannabis and hash use are much more excepted.

Getting weed in Bastia

As already mentioned, Corisca is a more conservative place and there isn’t as much weed here as in other places in France. While some of the younger people on the island do smoke and there is even weed grown here, it can be hard for a tourist to get any of that. Your best bet is to ask some locals for help and hope for the best, but there are much better weed destinations in France.

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