Weed in Bansko

If you’re passionate about winter sports and at the same time the lover of cannabis, then you’ll fall in love with Bansko. It’s the best winter resort in Bulgaria and the most visited. You can get a decent quality herb there, but it will be harder than in other major Bulgarian cities.

Cannabis Law in Bulgaria:

Cannabis is listed as a class A drug which means it’s highly prohibited to do any activity regarded to cannabis. If you get caught by police with a small quantity, you probably won’t face any serious consequences rather than paying a fine or spending the night in jail. Bansko is a resort town which means the police aren’t so strict about cannabis as they want more tourists to visit this place.

Where to Get Cannabis in Bansko:

It’s a bit hard to find weed in Bansko as it’s a small resort town attracting families who want to relax on during winter months. It’s still possible to get a decent weed there, but be ready for a hard time to get it. Your best bet is to ask a younger receptionist, taxi drivers or event promoters as there is a high chance they will know someone to hook you up with.

Weed Prices in Bansko:

The prices are a bit higher than in the rest of Bulgaria as demand is pretty high while supply lacks. You can get a decent quality bud starting at 15e per gram. It’s literally impossible to get hashish there and don’t expect that you’ll get the highest-quality weed there.

Bansko is an attractive destination for winter sports and there are a lot of young people spending their holidays. You can get a decent quality herb there, but it will be a hustle to find a reliable person who can hook you up with the dealer.

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