Weed in Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is a historical city with an ancient and iconic history. The city is the home of many Buddhist temples and delicious street food. If you’re looking to have fun in Bangkok, we must say that this city has amazing nightlife. It could be an ideal city to smoke weed if the regulations and general state in the country are different. There are many reports that people ended up in prison for possessing a few grams of weed, but usually, you will just get away with a fine or the odd bribe. If you plan to smoke weed in Thailand, be very cautious.

Here you can read an interesting guide on smoking and getting weed without getting caught in Bangkok.

Cannabis Law: 

Cannabis in Thailand is very illegal and the laws are strict. The possession, growing or trafficking of up to 10 kilograms of marijuana can land you in prison for up to 5 years. In practice, however, if you are caught with a few grams of weed on you, you are much more likely to just get a fine, instead of going to prison. The police are generally underpaid and they are looking for ways to get the money from the tourists. If you get caught with a few grams of weed you might find yourself paying a bribe. It depends on the officer, but the bribe rate can be tremendously high or quite low, you can also try to haggle. It is best to avoid the police as much as you can. Do not smoke in public and be discrete with your weed.

Where to Get Cannabis: 

  • The best and maybe the safest place to get the herb is by asking the younger tuk-tuk drivers. They’re usually locals who’re spending their time in the same place every day, so it’s a small possibility they will reap you off. Some good places to ask around are Pratunam outside the hotel Indra Regent. Thais are very friendly and helpful people, but be aware that they are underpaid and value money a lot. Just approach the drivers and ask them for some “ganja”, and they will call up a taxi cab driver friend. Once the dealer arrives, you get in the taxi, buy the weed and go your separate ways. Do not ride anywhere in the taxi.
  • There are a lot of Reggae bars all thought Bangkok, you can recognize them by the bright, Jamaican and psychedelia colors. Also usually the clientele of those bars is made up of westerners, usually backpackers. Often the staff in those bars sells weed. However, even if they do not, if you ask some of the patrons, you are very likely to get a decent hookup.
  • You need to be careful not to get scammed when buying weed in Bangkok. There are a lot of locals who take advantage of the millions of white tourists that visit the city and want to party. Never pay for the weed before you see it. Quite a few tourists realize they have been just sold grass instead of weed.
  • Also in Thailand, just like in most of South East Asia, you can haggle. Dealers will give you a price at first, that might seem good, but you need to remember that cannabis in Thailand is very cheap. Do not pay more than a dollar or two per gram. Weed in Thailand is usually grown outdoors, so the quality is not the best. It will get you high, but you do need to smoke a lot of it. Usually, you will be sold between 3-5 grams of weed.

Cannabis Prices: 

If you get weed in Bangkok, the prices will usually vary from 500 – 2000BHT. The weed is very-low quality there, but the quantity you get for the price is very amazing compared to the US or Europe. You can still get a decent high from that bud. Also, for 500BHT you can get enough weed to roll 5 joints.

Hash is much harder to find in Bangkok. There is some Nepalese hash going around town, but it is more expensive than weed and generally much harder to find.

Other Information: 

With its population of more than 8 million people, Bangkok offers something for everyone. It is the world’s top tourist destination, with tens of millions of visitors every year. There are temples to explore, amazing food to eat and cheap beer to drink. Bangkok is much more than the party destination it is mostly known for. There are prostitutes and ping pong shows, but this is just a small part of the things the city has to offer. Weed culture is still not as developed in Thailand, but with the influx of western backpackers, many of whom are stoners, things will hopefully change.

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  1. Go to Indra Regent Hotel after sunset and ask any tuk tuk driver or parking lot security. They will hook you up with a brick of low-quality herb. Remember to bargain. Never pay more than $1,000 per brick.

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