Weed in Bali

There are only a few spots in the world that are as paradise-like as Bali. This Indonesian island offers all of the possible adventures and activities a tourist might want. But when it comes to cannabis, Bali does lack some of the qualities Thailand and Cambodia have. Marijuana is illegal and hard to find, but not at all impossible. Read the rest for all the information you will ever need on weed in Bali.

Cannabis Laws in Indonesia

As you might suspect, Indonesian laws are very harsh when it comes to drugs and that includes cannabis too. In theory, you could go to prison for possessing any weed on you, but in practice, you are more likely to be asked for a bribe. They can sometimes ask for a lot of money and might even walk to an ATM with you. If you refuse, you will likely get into serious trouble and might end up in an Indonesian prison.

Indonesian cops are not chill and you want to avoid them at all costs, and the same goes for the prisons. Most people get away with just a bribe, but all in all, it is a negative experience.

Where to Get Cannabis in Bali

Because of the huge amounts of young tourists Bali gets, finding cannabis is far from hard. There is a very good chance you will be offered weed at some of the parties or at a backpacker hostel. Otherwise, explore the island and especially the touristy places like Kuta that are teaming with nightlife. There is a good chance a dealer will approach you there and offer you some weed. You do have to be careful not to be ripped off however, so always check the weed before paying.

Cannabis Prices

The price is hard to gauge, as tourists will often get a bad deal, but do not pay more than 40-50$ for 10 grams of weed. The quality of the cannabis is low, as it outdoor-grown, but it is potent. You will generally only be offered big amounts of weed, it is hard to buy just a gram or two in Bali.

Other Information

You will most likely find weed in Bali if you look for it. But be careful what you wish for. The cops can be very abusive and rude and you should avoid them at all costs. Always be careful and discreet with your weed and don’t just smoke on the street. Also, don’t travel with weed too much.

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