Weed in Baghdad

When most people think of Baghdad, images of war and conflict often come to mind. However, there’s another side to this historic city that’s rarely discussed in the media: its thriving cannabis culture. Despite the strict laws against drugs in Iraq, cannabis remains a popular and widely consumed substance in Baghdad, mostly in the form of hash.

Cannabis laws in Iraq

Although the penalties for cannabis possession are less severe than those for harder drugs like heroin or cocaine, it’s still illegal and possession can result in fines, imprisonment, or worse. The laws are strict on paper, but the country is not able to enforce them well, so things here can be anarchical.

If the police catch you with weed on you, there is a decent chance you will simply have to bribe them in order to get away. However, it is a risky endeavor and the inside of an Iraqi prison is not something you want to see.

Where to find cannabis in Baghdad

One of the best places to experience Baghdad’s cannabis culture is in the old city center, where narrow alleyways are filled with the fragrant smoke of burning hashish. Here, locals gather to smoke, share stories, and enjoy the company of friends.

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