Weed in Bagan

Bagan was once the capital of the Bagan kingdom which has parished long ago, but thousands of temples and pagodas have survived it to this very day. There are 2200 still left, providing a magnificent and enchanting view, scattered in the jungle and mostly overgrown. If you want to smoke weed in Bagan, that might be challenging, but not impossible:

Cannabis laws in Myanmar

Like many other Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar has very strict cannabis laws, at least on paper. For the possession of weed you can face a prison sentence and for the traffiking of cannabis you could face the death penalty. While this sounds very intimidating, the reality is that you are not likely to go to jail in Myanmar for smoking a joint and as a tourists you have even less likely to face legal trouble. In most cases you will get away with a bribe and not much else.

While the laws are strict, they are not well enforced and backpackers smoking weed in the jungle are not the highest priority of the police. That being said, the last thing you want is to go to a Myamnmar jail, or even to interact with the police. It is a good idea to be extremely careful when dealing with weed in Myanmar.

Getting weed in Bagan

Finding weed in Bagan can be hard for foreigners, even though there is some grown in the country and many locals smoke it. Cannabis is popular with Indians in Myanmar and of course with backpackers. There are locals that smoke it too, but there are no dealers and no clear way to get some. Your best bet is to ask around in hostels and hope to get lucky, but it is very hit or miss.

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