Weed in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa or Agia Napa is a resort in Eastern Cyprus. In recent years it has been becoming more and more popular with tourists and is quickly becoming one of Europe’s top beach destinations. It has become a popular destination with young people, who want to go nightclubbing and partying during the summer vacation. However, Cyprus has been making efforts to attract more families and higher-earning tourists. Cyprus has very harsh drug laws and scoring marijuana in Ayia Napa is extremely hard if you do not have a hookup. Keep on reading for more information on finding weed in Ayia Napa:

Cannabis laws in Cyprus

Medicinal marijuana is legal in Cyprus to a limited degree, but when it comes to recreational use any activity involving cannabis is illegal. Theoretically, for possession of cannabis, you could go to prison for a maximum of 8 years, or 2 years if it is your first offense and you are under 25. The reality is a bit less harsh. If caught you will most likely spend a few days in jail, before you visit a court. You will then get a fine, that could be quite hefty depending on the circumstances.

Overall cannabis is very strictly regulated in Cyprus and if you do manage to score some weed in Ayia Napa, you need to be very careful and discrete. Do not smoke in public places, as the locals have a generally negative outlook on weed and might call the cops on you.

Finding weed in Ayia Napa

Sadly it is very hard to get marijuana in Ayia Napa if you do not know anyone. Your best bet is to ask the club promoters, but because of the harsh penalties, you will have a hard time finding weed. Ironically it is probably easier to get Ecstasy than it is to get weed, not that we condone that. Cyprus as a whole isn’t a great weed destination, and Aya Napa is no exception to that rule, while it won’t hurt to look, don’t get your hopes too high.

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