Weed In Antwerp

If you ever find yourself traveling in Belgium, the chances are high that you’ll visit Antwerp. It is a beautiful medieval city and it will be a great experience to smoke weed and start exploring the city.

Cannabis Law in Belgium:

Belgium has a strange cannabis law which means you can’t even possess an amount for one joint. It was different back in 2015 when you could get caught with up to 3 grams of weed and nothing would happen. Right now, if you get caught with a small quantity, expect that you’ll get fined, but it mostly depends on the cop. Some cops will just close the eyes on cannabis, while others will get you in trouble.  The best bet not to get caught is to smoke in the secluded parks or near the river.

Where to Get Cannabis in Antwerp:

Your best bet should be the place called Groenplaats, one of the main squares around the city. It won’t be hard to notice people who’re just staying there and waiting for smokers to approach them. Although, you should be very careful as this place is the constant watch of the police. Other interesting spots would be parks or trails near the river as these places are attractive to smokers.

Cannabis Prices in Antwerp:

Weed in Antwerp is of very decent quality, so you should be prepared to pay more. The Netherlands is near the city so that you can expect one of the finest buds in Europe. The prices for a high-quality bud starts at 10e per gram and if you’re more into a hash, expect to pay 7e per gram. The great thing is that you can literally choose between few strains when buying.

Weed in Antwerp isn’t legal to possess or smoke, but if you’re doing it in secluded places, you’re more than safe.  The quality of cannabis there is more than good as most of the plant comes from neighbor Netherlands. Expect to smoke many high-quality strains during your stay in Antwerp.

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