Weed in Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda is a small Caribbean state, made up out of a few islands, Antigua being the largest one. This luxury Caribbean escape is a great place to experience once in your lifetime. Here you’ll find pristine beaches, amazing weather, and a great atmosphere. If you also want to smoke some weed while in Antigua, you’re in luck, as the laws are very permitting.

Cannabis laws in Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda is in a position similar to Jamaica, where weed is commonly consumed by the locals and tourists alike, regardless of what any laws say. Luckily, in 2018 the government realized there was no point in keeping marijuana strictly controlled and decriminalized weed and came close to legalizing it. Currently, the possession of 15 grams of marijuana, or less is not a punishable offense. Selling weed, however, is still illegal and can get you in trouble.

If you don’t carry more than 15 grams of cannabis on you, there should be no issue with you smoking while in Antigua.

Getting weed in Antigua

Considering the laws are liberal and it’s in the Caribbean, Antigua is a great place to score some weed. Many tourists will get offered to buy some randomly, but you can also just ask your hotel staff or any of the people working in the tourism and hospitality industry. The price of the weed is much lower than anything in the US or Europe, but the quality is also not the best, though you might get lucky.

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