Weed in Antalya

Antalya is one of Turkey‘s most visited sea resorts. It lays on the Turkish Riviera and is riddled with numerous hotels and all-inclusive resorts. Whether you visit and just stay in your hotel resort, or decide to visit some of the ancient ruins in the vicinity, you will not be disappointed. With great food, warm weather, and beautiful beaches it is understandable to want to smoke some weed. However, Turkish drug laws are quite harsh and finding weed in Antalya is hard for foreigners.

Cannabis laws in Turkey

Turkey is notoriously harsh when it comes to drug laws. Even for the possession of weed, you might be sent to prison. If it is a small amount, you might get away with just probation, or entry at a drug rehabilitation program. However, you will still need to go in front of a court and this means that you will most likely have to stay in prison for a few days, before your court date.

Smoking weed in Turkey is very risky and if you get caught, it might be more than just your vacation that gets ruined. Be very discrete if you do decide to smoke and avoid doing it in public places.

Finding weed in Antalya

You will have a much easier time getting weed in Istanbul than in Antalya. However, if you do not have the option to visit Istanbul, it is also possible to find some in Antalya. You will have to ask some of the locals, but be careful as not everyone is tolerant towards marijuana in Turkey. your best bet would be to ask around in bars. The quality and price of weed can depend a lot. As a tourist, you can expect to pay a bit more, but usually weed goes for 10 euros a gram.

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  1. Yes, I’ve asked a few guys on the street and one of them helped me to get some, but I payed him 65TRY extra for helping me. So in total I payed 165TRY for roughly 1 gram.
    It was in Alanya near Alanyum sopping centre.

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