Weed in Andros

Andros is the northernmost island of the Cyclades archipelago. It has been inhabited ever since antiquity and remains a popular destination for tourists. Probably the most popular attraction of Andros is the Sariza spring at Apoikia. The island is very mountainous and a great place for hiking. Any tourist would love to smoke a joint while exploring the beautiful scenery. Sadly, cannabis is illegal in Greece, for recreational use and the laws are quite harsh. Read on for our full guide to cannabis in Andros.

Cannabis law in Greece

Greece is quite conservative when it comes to its drug laws. Many people still have a very old-fashioned view of weed and see it as a dangerous narcotic. The laws, however, have been becoming more and more liberal in the past years. Possession of small amounts of weed, meant for personal use is decriminalized, meaning you will only get a fine for having a few grams on you. The problem is, you need to see a judge and often this means you will have to spend a few nights in jail before your court date is due.

It is still quite risky to smoke weed in Greece. If you do decide to smoke in Andros, be careful and try not to be too blatant. Do not smoke in public places as people might call the police.

Finding weed in Andros

It can be very challenging to get weed in Andros. There are no street dealers and you will need to ask the locals for help. They are however unlikely to hook you up. Even if you do manage to get weed, it is usually bad quality as it is grown outdoors. Cannabis is also usually expensive for tourists. All in all, Andros is not a very good place, if you really want to smoke weed on your vacation.

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