Weed in Amman

Amman is Jordan’s largest city and one of the biggest cities in the Arab world. If you want to see Roman ruins, beautiful mosques, and a vibrant and bustling city, Amman should be on your wishlist list. If you like smoking weed when you travel, Amman might not be the best destination, though. Jordan has strict laws and cannabis can be hard to find:

Cannabis laws in Jordan

Jordan is a Middle Eastern country, and drug laws are strict like in the other countries in the region. That being said, things are getting more progressive and the punishments for marijuana are decreasing in severity. Currently, the law makes a difference between first-time users and repeat offenders. The former do not go to prison if caught in possession of marijuana but instead receive treatment. Cannabis cultivation is much more frowned upon and will land you in prison, and trafficking could get you a death sentence.

Jordon is not the strictest country in the world when it comes to weed, but it is still best to be very careful if you want to smoke while there. There is a decent chance you can just give a few dollars to the cops that catch you, but you never know and the situation will not be pleasant.

Getting weed in Amman

Finding cannabis in Amman can be very hard for a tourist. Dealers get punished severely and they do not sell on the street and will not just offer you weed. Most people who smoke know someone and have a hook-up they can call, but this is mostly restricted to locals.

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