Weed in Algarve

Algarve is visited by millions of people every year and there is a good reason for that. This Portuguese province is home to some of the most picturesque cities Portugal has to offer, like Faro and Albufeira. There is great food, a great drink, amazing beaches, and a nightlife. Of course, Algarve also has weed and pretty relaxed laws. Read on for more detail on cannabis in Algarve!

Cannabis laws in Portugal

Portugal enacted a progressive law for the decriminalization of all drugs in 2001. That doesn’t mean that all drugs are legal, it simply means that possession of small quantities is not criminal but rather a misdemeanor. If a policeman catches you smoking, they might give you a fine, but more often than not you will get away with just a fine. Just be respectful and cooperate and you will not get into trouble.

Portugal used to have a lot of trouble with drug addiction, but the change in laws has improved things a lot. The people and the police seem to realize that marijuana is not the issue and you shouldn’t worry too much about smoking in Algarve.

Where to get weed in Algarve

For most of the Portuguese cities, the way to get weed is the same. You will need to find one of the many dealers. Just walk around the beaches and the touristy streets, especially in the evening and you will likely be approached and offered to buy weed or hash. The hash in Portugal is usually better and cheaper so if you like that, it is better to buy it. If you don’t have any luck around the beaches, walk around the big nightclubs and bars in the night and you are bound to be offered to buy weed and other drugs. The prices are pretty low 6-7 euros for a gram of weed and a few euros cheaper for hash. It is a good idea to check what you buy before you pay.

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