Weed in Alanya

Alanya is a beach resort close to Antalya. It is a great place to visit in the summer, with amazing beaches, great food and a lot of cultural attractions nearby. However, when it comes to weed things are not so good. You will probably be able to find some marijuana to smoke, but it won’t be easy. Continue below for all of the information on cannabis in Alanya.

Cannabis laws in Turkey

Turkey is progressive and liberal in some aspects, but when it comes to marijuana, things are pretty bad. Weed is lumped in with all of the other drugs and for possession or consumption, you run the risk of going to prison. In reality, it is unlikely that you will spend more than a few days in jail for a joint, but you might get probation, you might get deported and you might have to bribe some people. It is a huge hassle and not recommended. For selling and growing weed you will get into even more trouble and likely go to prison for a few years, so don’t do that.

Younger people in Turkey do smoke weed, but it is still very taboo in society as a whole and the police will give you a very hard time if they catch you. If you do manage to get some weed you will have to be very careful and discreet when smoking it. It should go without saying, but do not cross any borders with weed on you, as that is trafficking and can land you a long prison sentence.

Getting weed in Alanya

Alanya is a cool place to visit, but scoring weed or hash there as a tourist is almost impossible. The laws are strict and no one is selling on the streets, like in Spain or Italy. If someone does offer you hash, it is often a rip-off. The best way to score is through a local guy that hooks you up with his dealer. If you manage to make some Turkish friends ask them, as many of the younger people do smoke weed and they might be willing to help.

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