Weed in Adana

Adana is world-famous for its kebab, but that city and the region surrounding it have a lot more to offer than just great food. When it comes to cannabis in Adana, the truth is that it is very hard to find anything as a visitor. Many of the locals that smoke have their connections, but it is not like Istanbul where you can find weed in the street. Keep on reading for all of the necessary information on cannabis in Adana.

Cannabis laws in Turkey

Turkey is a pretty conservative country and this is reflected in the drug laws. The possession or consumption of cannabis is illegal and there is a possibility that you go to prison. The laws are much stricter than what is in place in Europe and marijuana is a risky business in Turkey. Selling and growing weed can get you a prison term of 5-10 years and trafficking has a minimum of 10 years.

You have to be very careful with cannabis in Turkey if you manage to get any. Do not carry it across the border, as that will result in severe punishment and it’s not worth the risk. The police and the older people in Turkey are very anti-marijuana and consider it to be a drug comparable to heroin or cocaine. The younger people, especially in bigger cities, are much more liberal, but they are not the ones enforcing the laws.

Getting weed in Adana

Finding weed in Adana is very hard for foreigners. Many of the younger Turkish guys smoke, but there aren’t any dealers walking around, approaching tourists. If you decide you want to smoke, you will need to make some local friends and ask them to hook you up. Most of the younger people are nice and friendly and might be able to help, but do not just ask random people on the street for weed, or you might get into trouble. The prices are fairly low, at 5-6 euros per gram for weed or hash.

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