Weed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is located on Lake Michigan, not too far away from Chicago. It’s Wisconsin’s largest city and a great, cool Midwestern city. If you ever find yourself there you might be interested in smoking some weed. Sadly, Wisconsin is not very friendly to cannabis users, but Milwaukee fares better in that regard. Keep on reading … Read more

Weed in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is known as one of the South’s cultural hotspots. The city has produced some amazing music and still remains a great place for a night out. The culture, hospitality, and the many educational institutions around town, make it an amazing spot to visit. However, when it comes to marijuana, things are not so simple. … Read more

How to get weed on the street

Cannabis legalization appears to be around the corner in North America, but the truth is that for billions of people marijuana will remain illegal for decades. Large swathes of Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa are all stubbornly opposing cannabis and even its medicinal properties. If you happen to live or travel to one of … Read more

How to hide weed smell

In the right setting, there is nothing better than smelling the pungent scent of weed. However, cannabis has a very strong and distinct smell and it’s still very taboo in many places around the world, so not wanting to smell like weed is totally understandable. Below we have a few tips from experienced stoners on … Read more

How to roll a Backwood blunt

Backwoods are an American tobacco staple, originating all the way back in the 1970s. They were marketed as manly, raw ‘little cigars’ meant for the outdoorsmen. While that may have been the original target audience, Backwoods quickly became a weed-smoking staple, especially when it comes to rolling blunts. If you ever find yourself in a … Read more

Weed in Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. is the political center of the United States. This is where huge decisions get taken and history is made. On top of that, the city itself is quite nice, filled with college students, bars, restaurants, and cool things to do. The marijuana situation in Washington, D.C. is a little confusing for non-lawyers, but … Read more

Weed in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, just like New Orleans, is one of the main cultural hotspots of the South. It’s known for its music, but you also have some great food and drinks here. In any case, if you come to Memphis to party, there is a decent chance you will want to smoke some weed. While it’s not … Read more

Weed in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is easily the most fun city in the South and maybe even the world. If you are into good food, good music, and great drinks, you will enjoy this place. In between the French colonial buildings, you might encounter the sweet scent of marijuana, and feel the need to smoke yourself. While weed … Read more

Weed in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is one of the most beautiful and historically significant cities in North America. If you ever want to experience some of its Southern charms, you will likely be left more than satisfied with the food, the vibe, and the sights. However, if you want to smoke weed in Charleston, you might be out of … Read more

Weed in Mons

Mons is located in the French part of Belgium, Wallon. It’s a charming city with a great history and architecture, that is well worth the visit if you are in Belgium. Besides the beer and the food, you might want to smoke some weed. However, cannabis is not yet legal in Belgium, and finding something … Read more