How To Roll Cool Filters For Joints

Everyone likes a well-rolled joint. The tip is what gives it its shape, but its importance goes beyond that, as you can have a good and aesthetically pleasing joint filter to impress your friends. We have compiled a guide for 3 cool joint filters that will certainly impress your stoner friends if you do them right:

1. The Weed Leaf Filter

This is certainly one of the harder filters to do, but it is cool and the most impressive of the bunch. Don’t fuss about getting it right on the first try, the filter on the photo was my 4th try and is still far from a perfect-looking weed leaf. I used normal-sized tips, but if you manage to find larger ones or cut them out from something, that would make it much easier.

Step I

You start the filter by making a tiny fold. Then you continue to fold the paper until you have 3 “waves” like in the photo. It is important that they increase in size after each fold and that they all start off from the same base. In other words, the top parts are increasing and the bottom ones are staying in the same line.

Step II

You continue by doing two more “waves”, this time they are getting smaller than the last one. You need your folds to be symmetrical, meaning that the “waves” before and after the biggest (middle) one are the same size as a mirror image. The “waves” are the leaves of the marijuana and you want them to be the same, just look up a hemp leaf for some inspiration for this cool filter.

Step III

You are almost ready. All that is left is to roll the joints. you have to push the folds together, maybe play around with it a little until it starts to look like a hemp leaf and start rolling. When rolling be careful not to squeeze the design, especially the highest leaf. It may take a few tries to make it look recognizably like a hemp leaf, but do not worry it gets easier.

2 Magic W Filter

This is the classic joint filter design, and most of you have seen it. When you buy a joint from a dispensary or a coffee shop, it will often be shaped like this. Some people call it an M, but W is way cooler for some reason, so we’ll stick to that. The beauty of this tip is not just its simplicity, but also that it does what it is meant to do – it stops small weed particles from entering your mouth when smoking. It also does not take up much space and does not make the joint harder to smoke. It is also very easy to do and a great joint filter to learn for beginners.

Step I

As you can see on the photo it only takes 3 folds to make this filter. What is important is that they are all the same size. Also keep in mind that your filter will be as big as the fold you start with ( it is the diameter of the filter), so depending on the size of the joint you want make a bigger or smaller W. Once you have the 3 folds, begin rolling the rest of the filter towards the W.

That is really it, it is a very simple filter that takes practice to master, so keep on rolling until you reach perfection.

3 Spiral Filter

This is not a very common one, but looks great and is the easiest to do. All you have to do is make a very small fold and they continue rolling around it. If you want a nice, small and tight spiral, you need to make sure that the first fold is really tiny. As small as you can humanly get it to be. The filter looks great and will not let any weed pass through to your mouth. The only thing that you have to be careful about is not to make it too tight, or it will be hard to take puffs from the joint. However, this can be easily fixed by unrolling the filter and then rolling it again.

Overall rolling a good filter, is one of the most important components of a good joint. A lot of people neglect it or simply roll a circle, but in reality, a good filter is 100% necessary for a good joint. It gives it a better shape and structure and prevents small particles from entering your mouth when you are smoking. But above all a nice filter looks cool, and honestly, isn’t that enough to make you want to learn how to make one?

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