How to roll a weed leaf filter

There are many reasons to use a filter, or a roach when making a joint. Some of the benefits of a joint filter are better airflow, more even burning and they can also provide the structural basis for your joint. Most people are familiar with the “magic W” type of filter, but there are other, more elaborate patterns, such as the marijuana leaf pattern. Even though they offer no benefits, compared to classic designs, they are sure to impress your friends. Here is our guide to rolling a hemp leaf filter.

  • The first thing you need is the filter itself. Many people suggest making one out of cardboard, or a business card, but the best ones are the ones you buy in the shop. These ones are the perfect length, width and thickness and most importantly do not contain any toxic particles you can inhale if while smoking. For the weed leaf filter, you will need a 3cm by a 10cm roach. This can be either bought or custom made.
  • Once you have the filter make 12 folds, similar to an accordion in the filter. This should take about one-third of the joint. The folds in the middle should be higher than the ones on the outsides, due to the shape of a weed leaf.
  • Once you have the folds, begin rolling the other side of the filter. It does not have to be very tight. Stop when you reach the folds.
  • Then get the cannabis leaf part (the accordion) roughly in the shape you want and roll the filter more precisely. You should get the hemp design. You can use a needle or a paperclip to fix it up a little and make it more pretty.

The weed joint filter is one of the most challenging designs you can make, but it will definitely impress your stoner friends. It is quite big, but that simply means you will also need to roll a big joint, which shouldn’t be a problem.

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