How to roll a “Secret Agent” joint in 4 easy steps

Sometimes you want to smoke a joint, but you also want to be a little discrete. The Secret Agent joint is the perfect way to do those things. You simply roll a joint that looks like a regular cigarette. If you also substitute weed for hash you can mask the smell, making it almost indistinguishable from an actual cigarette. Great for parties, beaches, and parks, the Secret Agent joint takes some preparation, but it is worth doing.

Step I

You need to get the tobacco out of the cigarette. You do this by gently rolling the cigarette in between your fingers. You have to be careful not to wrinkle the empty cigarette tube. The less you wrinkle it, the more believable is the joint going to be.

Step II

You also want to grind your weed with the tobacco. This way it will be easier to put the mixture inside of the hollow cigarette tube. Do not do this if you have a grinder than collects kief, as tobacco might get in there. You might also want to consider making a pure weed Secret Agent joint, though this will have a very strong smell. Another thing you might consider doing is using hash and tobacco. This will have the least scent.

Step III

Now you want to remove the filter of the hollow cigarette tube that you have. Simply take a pair of tweezers, or use your nails, if they are long enough. Carefully remove the filter and try not to squeeze or wrinkle the tube. Now roll a big, wide joint filter and put it in the place of the cigarette filter. This is necessary because the cigarette filter will block out the THC, making the joint useless.

Step IV

All that is left is to put your weed, tobacco mixture or hash in the hollowed-out cigarette. Do this carefully and try to pack it tight, but no to tight, otherwise, it will be hard to smoke the joint. It will be better to use something long and thin, like a pen or a key to stuff the weed in the joint better.

In the end, you should be left with a decent looking Secret Agent joint, that will fool most people for a cigarette at a first glance. 

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