How To Roll A Blunt

There are a couple of ways to consume marijuana. We’ve talked about hash, about joints, and a bunch more. But somehow, we’ve avoided talking about the classiest way to consume cannabis. Blunts are like the cigars of the stoner world. Literally, it’s basically a cigar with cannabis inside it. But rolling a blunt isn’t so obvious for many of us, so we compiled this helpful guide to rolling blunts for you:

Getting a blunt:

First, you’re going to need some blunt wrap. They sell those in some specialty shops, and they come in a few different shapes and sizes. However, if you can’t find anything you can just make it yourself. All you need to do is buy a cigar, most people go for the cheapest ones, cut it lengthwise and throw away the tobacco inside. You just need the wrapper, which is made of tobacco leaf itself.

Doing the rolling of the blunt

Now that you have an empty wrapper, you need to get a bunch of weed. Grind it and begin stuffing. Usually, blunts are pretty big and full of weed, and you can put a gram or two inside of one easily. For the Europeans out there, don’t put tobacco in it, blunts are meant to be smoked pure. Once you have enough weed in there, make sure it’s spread evenly. After that you just need to lick the sides of the blunt to close it and make it stick.

That’s it. Now sit back and enjoy your work. The truth is, making a blunt is even easier than rolling a joint, so you should get good at it in a couple of tries.

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